The Onegodian Monument Project

The Onegodian Monument Project

The goal of the Onegodian Monument & Tourism Project is to plan and develop resources, services, and businesses that promote travel, recreation, and tourism, including branding to tell the story of Aboriginal, Indigenous, Native Americans as the First Peoples of the United States. By utilizing the arts and other cultural resources to help revitalize our Native community, promote our economic development, increase our livability, and present the uniqueness of the Onegodian community to visitors in a way that celebrates the diversity of the United States.

Weโ€™re also developing new and enhancing our current activities to promote, preserve, and restore our Native culture and arts. Choosing Ahoskie as the place to base our strategy and using the Onegodian Tribe and community memberโ€™s local or regional assets and resources and collaborating with multiple stakeholders to address economic development barriers of building The Onegodian Monument in North Carolina by October 2021.

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