Business Agent, Jones

Business Agent, Jones


Talk therapy services I provide

  1. Depression 
  2. Anxiety 
  3. Impulsive thinking 
  4. Anger management 
  5. Employment preparation 
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As a Onegodian Talk Therapist/ Spiritual Life Coach, Gregory can help with virtually any aspect of your life, whether it is in your personal or professional life.

In essence three words can be used to describe what  Gregory will provide you with, as you personal Talk Therapist/Life Coach; Guidance, Empowerment and Improvement.

Guidance: Gregory can provide you with the tools and support for you to broaden your perspective and open your mind and help enable you to reach your goals.

Empowerment: Gregory can empower you, but is to a large extent up to you and to realize your own self worth and self belief that has for one reason or another diminished.

Improvement: Gregory can help you improve your life in the sense that you will go from where you are to where you want to be. In effect, helping you reach your goals.


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